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What is Luminant Skin?

Our Daily Complexion Repair has been clinically tested by Stephens & Associates, Inc.a world renown global research organization who is highly regarded for their commitment to the ethical conduct of clinical studies and the continued compliance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Luminant Skin Daily Complexion Repair is a unique skin treatment formulation that produces visible improvements in photo damaged and aged skin. Luminant Skin contains a special nanosomal delivery system for copper and zinc chlorophyllin complex (Phytochromatic CHLCu & CHLzn), containing a modified form of the plant pigment, chlorophyll.

The Benefits of Luminant Skin

With Luminant Skin you can rejuvenate your skin and bring a new youthful radiance and improvement in color, tone, and smoothness not possible with surgery, injections, or other expensive methods alone. Our product has been clinically tested for effectiveness and safety and uses a unique and patented technology to fight both wrinkles and fine lines and skin color changes that age and sun damage can cause in the face and neck.

The first step in any lifestyle change is diet and exercise. Beautiful skin truly begins from the inside out. Yet, doing what it takes to achieve radiant, youthful skin is not nearly as difficult as it seems. And that's because, no matter your age or fitness level, our proprietary Luminant Skin can help you map out a low impact, time efficient plan to improve your skin care. When you feel better, it shows in your face and skin. Bring that healthy glow back with small and easy changes in your daily life!

Step two is to apply our exclusive Luminant Skin Daily Complexion Repair morning and night as part of your anti-aging program for maximum results. The proprietary combination of antioxidant complex and copper is the key to maintaining beautiful healthy-looking skin.


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