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What is Luminant Skin?

Luminant Skin's Daily Complexion Repair is the only product to use a unique blend of both a copper and zinc chlorophyllin complex in its anti-aging formula!

Our Daily Complexion Repair has been clinically tested by Stephens & Associates, Inc. a world renown global research organization who is highly regarded for their commitment to the ethical conduct of clinical studies and the continued compliance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Luminant Skin's Daily Complexion Repair has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in improving the appearance of fine line, wrinkles, firmness, elasticity/resiliency, skin tone (color) evenness, hyper pigmentation (mottled), discrete spots, pore size, skin texture/smoothness, radiance, global assessment of photo damage, and overall appearance on the periorbital area and global face following 8 weeks of use.

Product was also immediately effective in improving the moisture content of the face. You may be contemplating "beauty injections" or even surgery to look younger. Before you do, first consider a new topical treatment that does what plastic surgery and filler injections cannot do alone - give your appearance a new radiance all while diminishing age spots and uneven skin color and lightening and brightening your skin tone for a remarkable luminous and younger look. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too and firms the skin while providing a silky smooth softness to your facial skin.

The copper and zinc chlorophyllin complexes (Phytochromatic CHLCu & Phytochromatic CHLzn) in Luminant Skin Daily Complexion Repair is loaded into liposomes.
Liposomes are spherical lipid shells designed for controlled release of Phytochromatic CHLCu and CHLzn once they are in the skin.
Luminant Skin provides the antioxidant activity of chlorophyllin, and also supplements the enzymatic activities normally modulated by the skin's internally available copper and zinc.

Luminant Skin Daily Complexion Repair is a unique skin treatment formulation that produces visible improvements in photo damaged and aged skin. Luminant Skin contains a special nanosomal delivery system for copper and zinc chlorophyllin complex (Phytochromatic CHLCu & CHLzn), containing a modified form of the plant pigment, chlorophyll.


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